Anavar Review

Anavar – Cycle, Side Effects & Where To Buy In UK

Anavar is a steroid used during the cutting phase as it burns fat quickly. It has been around for many decades and has a bit of a bumpy history. The pharmaceutical company Searle produced it for the first time in 1962. At the time, it was made for bedridden patients to prevent muscle loss. Later on, bodybuilders started using it to benefit from its muscle retention properties and to burn fat. However, it was removed from the market in the late 80s.

Since then, many companies produced Anavar or Oxydrolone which is its chemical name. It has its fair share of benefits, especially for bodybuilders but it remains illegal in many countries including the UK. This is because it is categorized as a Class C drug which is a controlled substance class. Selling and buying this steroid is illegal. It has several serious side effects too which we will discuss later.

What is Anavar?

Anavar or Oxydrolone is an anabolic androgenic steroid that has a very low androgenic rate. It is the derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is also one of those steroids that even women can use as it is not aromatizing and has less androgenic effects.Oxydrolone

The basic function of this steroid is building and retaining muscles. It also helps in increasing stamina and giving the body more strength. The chemical derivative Oxydrolone is difficult for the body to break which is why it is effective in building up muscle mass. It readily binds with the androgen receptors. These properties make it therapeutics as well as an anabolic steroid.

Does it Work?

There is a reason why bodybuilders found this steroid helpful and started using it frequently. It is usually taken orally which works fast. Many bodybuilders have found it to be even more helpful in cutting. When you are bulking, all you really need to do is eat more and lift weights. However, when the time comes to burn the fat, it is not as easy.

You need something that helps burn fat and retain the muscle mass you have built. In bulking it will work the same way as other anabolic steroids do. It will retain more nitrogen and significantly improve the protein synthesis. However, it has low water retention which makes it useful in cutting cycle. You burn fat and preserve the muscle mass as well.

It works quickly in getting rid of the fat. For this reason, it is also popular among physique models both men and women who take part in competitions. In order to get that perfectly toned body, they take Anavar. Those round abdomens and clean biceps come out because of steroids and workout.

Its effect also depends on how you take it and with what. In bulking stage, stacking it with other anabolic steroids is easy. However, in the cutting cycle, you have to be careful with what you take. Anavar alone can be enough to help you cut down on fat and tone your muscles.

Benefits of Anavar UK

Anavar Benefits

Improvement in Performance

Anavar increases the red blood cells and carries more oxygen to your muscles. This improves your performance significantly. You can work out more intensely. As a result, you burn more fat.

Strength Without Mass

The reason why it is so popular among bodybuilders and athletes is that it is the only steroid that increases strength without building mass. It is used in cutting because of its characteristics.

Burn Fat Faster

In cutting cycle you need to cut down on fat and preserve your muscles. It increases your metabolism, and you are able to burn fat rather quickly.

The fact that it is not aromatizing allows it to have the same benefits for women as it does for men. For a toned body and increase in strength, women take Anavar too.

Anavar Cycle

If you do the proper cycle of this steroid, then you will see its maximum benefits. Normally, a cycle of 6 weeks is more than enough. Since it is a highly potent steroid, using it for longer can result in extreme side effects. As for dosage, it should not exceed 100 mg. Do not abuse it under the impression that more will quicken the process.

During the bulking cycle, 40 to 100 mg should be the appropriate dose. During the cutting cycle, this should go down to 20 to 80 mg. It is more commonly used during cutting cycles. The half-life of Anavar is 9 hours. You will need to take it twice a day for it to be effective.

Anavar can be used alone too without being stacked with other steroids or testosterone. In the cutting cycle, this can be useful. However, in the bulking cycle, you may need to stack with testosterone for the duration of the cycle.

Side Effects of Anavar

We have talked at length about how it can benefit you but let’s not forget it is a steroid after all and has its fair share of side effects. You should know the side effects as well before taking it. It is less aromatizing in comparison with other anabolic androgenic steroids, but it has some serious health hazards.


Anavar Side Effects - HepatoxicityIt is toxic for your liver, and long-term use of Anavar is gravely dangerous for your liver’s health. Those who already have liver problems should avoid taking Anavar at all costs. This is mainly because it is a C-17aa which makes it difficult for the liver to break down.


Anavar will mess up your cholesterol levels. It is known to reduce good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol. That is very dangerous in the long run, especially for your cardiac health. High levels of bad cholesterol can lead to strokes and cardiac arrests.

Hair Loss

Hair-LossThis is not life-threatening, but you will have to deal with hair loss as is common with anabolic steroids.


An immediate side effect is an acne which can be severe depending on your skin sensitivity. However, it reduces after you are off the steroid.

Testosterone Suppression

Testosterone SuppressionIn the aftermath of this steroid, you may suffer from testosterone suppression. That can backtrack all your muscle progress by causing loss of lean muscle mass. It may also lead to other problems including sexual problems.

Who Is It For?

Ideally, Anavar is for someone who has completed his or her bulking cycle and gained their goal mass. Now they need to cut down and lose all the fat. If you are such an individual who after bulking up is finding hard to lose all the fat, Anavar is for you. There is no harm in using it for bulking, but it works best in cutting phase.

You have to keep in mind its dosage and side effects as well. If you are someone with liver or heart problems, this steroid is highly risky for your health. Besides men, it is for women who want to be fitness models and get those magical abs.

Is Anavar Legal To Buy In UK?

Anavar is a Class C drug in the UK. According to the UK drug law, this class of substances is illegal to produce, sell, and buy. You cannot legally buy it in the UK. However, that does not mean that you cannot buy it at all. There are companies producing it under different brand names. They come at a hefty price and are often too difficult to find in most areas.

There are underground labs that produce this and many other illegal steroids that are sold in the UK. Buying steroids from such source is risky as in many cases shipments get confiscated. Even if you manage to receive, there is always the chance of side effects. It is upon you whether you are willing to take that risk to shed that fat and work towards a lean and toned body rather quickly.

Buy Legal Anavar Alternative – Anvarol

Buy Anavar UKMany aspiring fitness models and bodybuilders are too quick to resort to steroids like Anavar. They know well enough the health risks associated with these, but still, they go for them thinking there is no other way. However, there are alternatives and rather safe alternatives if you will.

Anvarol by Crazy Bulk is a safe and legal alternative to Anavar. It is a supplement made from plant extracts that have the same effect as Anavar. Since it is made from natural sources, there are no side effects.

Many people do not take any supplements or steroids at all fearing that they would harm their health. While their fear is justified, losing all that fat just relying on diet and workout can take months. When you have a safer alternative, it is worth trying out and seeing if it helps you lose fat fast in your cutting cycle.


Anavar UK has a long history of aiding muscle growth and giving energy. However, its many side effects have rendered it illegal for use in the modern. That said it is available for use in oral form in many parts of the world. You may get that chiseled abdomen and clean biceps but at what cost? Your liver is prone to have problems in the future just because you cycled with Anavar. Plus, the recovery period is tough to deal with given that it minimizes testosterone production.

In the end, it is your choice whether you want to take the steroid. It will show the results that you want. However, most experts and medical professionals discourage the use of Anavar or any other illegal steroid for that matter.